Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Opening - Friday 30th July 2010

Lismore Mayor, Jenny Dowell, attended the opening and we invited her to make an impromptu speech. Her speech was eloquent and interesting as she commented on the prosaic nature of tea towels. It was so exciting to have the mayor of Lismore supporting this exhibition.

Zeb Shultz (President of Real Art Works, Katie Alleva (Curator of the Tea Towel exhibition) and Ruth Zstisimbinis (Director of the Roxy Gallery)

Corinne Bat-Rawden (Director of the Serpentine Gallery)

Katie Alleva said a short and sweet speech at the opening.

Rebecca Tapscott-O'meara in front of her work the' Vices'

Katie Alleva, Corinne Bat-Rawdin and Mayor, Jenny Dowell

Mayor, Jenny Dowell making a great speech at the opening.

Paul Shultz and Rohan Langford (Rohan in front of his Tea Towel screen creation named Hallucination installation)

An impromptu appearance from 'The GLEE choir' - so special actually to hear the choir's beautiful arrangement on somewhere over the rainbow. A special moment.

They walked up and set up on the road out the front of the art gallery.  Lismore's GLEE choir.

Clapping the choir...

Rebecca and Kay at the opening....

Rohan Langford models the tea towel exhibition opening invite.