Saturday, July 24, 2010

Media Release - The Tea Towel Exhibtion

The Tea Towel Exhibition is a unique project organised by local visual artist and teacher Katie Alleva. 

'Slow Food', Discharge Dyeing & Embroidery with bush dyed wool, 
 By Sonya Marie

Invited artists and designers are asked to create an artwork on a tea towel that explores the Gastronomic theme of 'the art and science of food'. Artists use the tea towel as a canvas that can be ripped, stitched, painted, folded, sculptured, screen printed, drawn on etc...basically anything goes!

The Initial inspiration came from ‘Third Drawer Down’ a unique concept company based in Melbourne. They are famous for collaborating with artists and designers and creating a high quality range of unique Tea Towels.

Katie states, ‘the entire project was predominantly organised via the Internet, the most amazing part of this project has been the response from artists from the ‘call - out for artists’ on Twitter and Facebook.
I have connected with local artists and also artists from Sydney, Tasmania, Melbourne and Darwin. 

 T.towel ready for discharging dyeing, By Sonya Marie

Katie said that she ‘wanted to work on an exhibition that she hadn’t seen in the Northern Rivers before.’ Tea Towels are a very humble object really and I had hoped to focus on an exhibition that celebrated
life - food is fun and exciting and so relevant in our day-to-day lives. Being from an Italian background I grew up with food being the centre of our lives, social gatherings and celebrations. The table was the
place for eating, talking, sharing, crying and laughing! 

'Little Cabbage Tree', By Sonya Marie

The exhibition officially opens 6pm Friday 30th July and will run from 29th July to the 11th August 2010 at the Serpentine Gallery in North Lismore. You can find more information and read interviews with participating artists on Katie’s blog

I look forward to seeing you at the opening!!!

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